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L’esprit de Flugtag

Posted in The Event: Flugtag Vancouver by adrienne on the August 24th, 2006

What’s a contest without results?  Here’s how the hardware was handed out at Canada’s first Red Bull Flugtag event:

Grand prize: The Big Shooter
Second prize: Pirates of False Creek
Third prize: Spadflyer
Farthest flight: The Big Shooter
People’s choice: Ballerz Club Ghetto Club
(Click here for the official Flugtag Vancouver results)

The Big Shooter flew to a North American Flugtag record of 86-feet (which is still a lot less than the world Flugtag record of 195-feet).  What’s mind-boggling is how much money was spent on The Big Shooter: $100,000.  That’s $1163/foot flown.  (Compare that to The Wild Sushi: $400/20-feet = $20/foot flown).  Considering that the prize money was only $7500, let’s hope that the remaining $92,500 bought a lot of pride.

Anyway, one of the best things about being a part of the Flugtag experience is what I’ll call l’esprit de Flugtag – the mutual admiration the teams had for each other’s handiwork, creativity, and ability to work duct tape.

The best way to capture l’esprit de Flugtag is through photos:

Back to the Flugtag's DeLorean
Leonard is no Marty McFly.  (Back to the Flugtag)

Pirates of False Creek
Arrrr!  (Pirates of False Creek)

Poutine Wagon
Mmmm.  Poutine Wagon and Sushi Gone Wild like to think about the same things.

Air Guitar
Sushi Gone Wild plays Air Guitar.

Grease Flightening
Summer Nights were hot with Grease Flightening.

Egg Man
Egg Man incubates with the help of the Blow Tronic (Suicide Blonde) in the background.

Red Bull girls with Sushi Gone Wild
The Red Bull girls pose with Sushi Gone Wild.  (Had to post Leonard’s favourite photo).

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