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Red Bull Flugtag: Some History

Posted in About Red Bull Flugtag by adrienne on the July 20th, 2006

Being a part of Vancouver’s (and Canada’s) first Red Bull Flugtag event led Team Sushi Gone Wild to think about the history of which we will soon be a part.

Red Bull was created by Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz in 1987.  To market the energy drink, the company went down an ‘untraditional’ route by sponsoring extreme sporting events aimed at youth.  Sporting event sponsorships include motorsport, air racing, and of course, Flugtag.

The first Flugtag event took place in 1991 in Austria.  Since then, many cities around the world have hosted Flugtag events, including London, Antwerp, Berlin and Johannesburg.  It was only until 2002 when Flugtag landed in the United States in San Francisco.  Vancouver is definitely ready to host Flugtag on August 19, 2006!

The Soda With Buzz (; Kerry A. Dolan, 03.28.05)
Red Bull Wikipedia entry

Flugtag Wikipedia entry

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Flugtag Rules & Judging Criteria

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Just kidding – rules are important in every contest.  Plus, it gives you, the home viewer, insight into what all the teams have to consider before building.  It’s not like we just grab a hammer and go.

The flying machines must be:

  1. Human powered
  2. Less than 9m wide
  3. Less than 200kg including the pilot

“That’s it?” you say?  Well…try building something large but light.  AND try thinking of a way to transport it.  Transportation is a HUGE issue.

Teams will be judged according to:

  1. Distance
  2. Creativity
  3. Showmanship

“WHAT?” you say?  It’s not all about distance in a flying competition?  Nope – it’s about entertainment, baby!  Or else Team Sushi Gone Wild wouldn’t have any business trying to get a giant sushi to fly a long distance…

For the full rules and criteria, visit the official Flugtag Vancouver site.

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What is ‘Flugtag’?

Posted in About Red Bull Flugtag by adrienne on the June 22nd, 2006

Flugtag is a contest where teams compete to build human-powered flying machines.  (‘Flugtag’ means ‘flying day’ in German).  The aircraft launch off a pier into a body of water in front of tens of thousands of spectators.  Teams are scored based on distance, creativity and showmanship.

The Red Bull Flugtag events started in 1991 in Austria.  Since then, over 50 Flugtag events have been held all over the world.  Vancouver hosts Canada’s first Flugtag on August 19, 2006.

For more info about Red Bull Flugtag events, visit some of The Links on the right side of the page or check out the Wikipedia entry.

Flugtag Portland
Flugtag Portland entertained a crowd of 50,000.


Flugtag Arizona
A team of giant Pac-Man characters looks great!
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Posted in About Red Bull Flugtag by adrienne on the June 14th, 2006

We are team Sushi Gone Wild – makers of The Wild Sushi aircraft for the Red Bull Flugtag event in Vancouver!  We’ll be documenting the progress of the planning and construction of The Wild Sushi – although parts will be kept under wraps to keep things a surprise!

This summer will be unforgetable.  Not many people get a chance to participate in the elite Red Bull Flugtag competitions!  Sushi Gone Wild wants to be the winner of the first Canadian Flugtag event right in our hometown, Vancouver!

We’ll have more info about our team and project as the event draws nearer.

Red Bull Flugtag Vancouver event details:
Saturday, August 19, 2006
False Creek (Science World)
Gate opens at 12pm, Event starts at 2pm

Sushi Gone Wild wants to be a fan favourite and we’d definitely appreciate all forms of $upport!

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