The Wild Sushi: Red Bull Flugtag Vancouver 2006

More Fame for Sushi Gone Wild

Posted in The Making of The Wild Sushi by adrienne on the July 27th, 2006

Check out the official blog for Vancouver’s Red Bull Flugtag event – because Team Sushi Gone Wild and The Wild Sushi are IN IT! 

Official Vancouver Flugtag Blog

Also, you can check out what the other Vancouver Flugtag teams are up to.

Muchos gracias to Joanna, the Flugtag Pilot Liaison, for pimping Sushi Gone Wild on her blog.

Additional thanks to Joanna for bringing the photo below to our attention – it totally captures the essence of The Wild Sushi!  Much laughter ensued after viewing it 🙂

Pimp That: Bukabuka Makizushi

Bukabuka Makizushi from


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