The Wild Sushi: Red Bull Flugtag Vancouver 2006

Team Sushi Gone Wild

Posted in The Making of The Wild Sushi by adrienne on the June 21st, 2006

What type of person possesses the mindset to want to compete in a zany competition like Flugtag?  Try these 5 persons: Adrienne, Elizabeth, Jenny & Leonard.

We are team Sushi Gone Wild, crew of The Wild Sushi.  (The theme of our aircraft is sushi – or was that obvious?).  We’ve got the guts and we’re going for glory.

Here’s a closer look into the lives of the crew…

Bio: Born in Vancouver, a UBC grad, collects stuffies and hearts kittens!
Likes: Really, really big objects that are shaped like food
Claim to fame: Creator of the Red Bull Sake cocktail

Bio: Born in Vancouver, the youngest of the group, team’s PILOT!
Hobby: Downloading many, many MP3s and sending them to Jenny
Little known fact: Aspires to be a sushi sous-chef

Bio: Born in Vancouver, piano-playing extraordinaire
Occupation: Undercover Edamame Bean Counter
Spare Time: Getting into the golf thang, arts & crafts

Bio: Born in Vancouver, only male on the team, tallest team member
Weekend Work: Underground Udon Dealer
Shameless self-promotion: Leonard’s company’s website

Bio: Goes to university in Ontario, hurdling experience!
Enjoys: Snowboarding
Hobby: Entering Sushi-Eating competitions

There you have it – the five semi-delusional people who are seeking Flugtag fame!  Did the bios say anything particularly revealing about us?  Probably not.  But what did you expect?  We have to maintain a certain mystique before the big event.

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  1. Auntie Nancy said,

    on June 28th, 2006 at 7:32 pm

    Good presentation!