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Red Bull Flugtag: Some History

Posted in About Red Bull Flugtag by adrienne on the July 20th, 2006

Being a part of Vancouver’s (and Canada’s) first Red Bull Flugtag event led Team Sushi Gone Wild to think about the history of which we will soon be a part.

Red Bull was created by Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz in 1987.  To market the energy drink, the company went down an ‘untraditional’ route by sponsoring extreme sporting events aimed at youth.  Sporting event sponsorships include motorsport, air racing, and of course, Flugtag.

The first Flugtag event took place in 1991 in Austria.  Since then, many cities around the world have hosted Flugtag events, including London, Antwerp, Berlin and Johannesburg.  It was only until 2002 when Flugtag landed in the United States in San Francisco.  Vancouver is definitely ready to host Flugtag on August 19, 2006!

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