The Wild Sushi: Red Bull Flugtag Vancouver 2006

Why Sushi?

Posted in The Making of The Wild Sushi by adrienne on the July 10th, 2006

Since Vancouver is hosting Canada’s first Flugtag, Team Sushi Gone Wild wanted our aircraft to represent what Vancouver is all about.  We thought about doing a theme on snowboarding, trees, real estate, hockey, dim sum, or sushi.

We wondered if we should build…

  • a mountain and have a snowboarder fly off into False Creek
  • a forest and launch a bear from the treetops
  • a condo and tip it over
  • a giant hockey stick and puck (but who wants to think about hockey in August…especially after the Canucks’ lackluster season)
  • a big bamboo steamer of dumplings
  • a huge piece of sushi and chopsticks

It came down to a debate between dim sum or sushi – food was definitely on our minds.  In the end, sushi won; it’s more colourful than dumplings and Vancouver is known for having many, many, many sushi restaurants.

Which do you think is more photogenic?



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